Global Brands

Do you have an idea which you would send to some of the best brands of world?
If they take it, it would look good in your CV,
or maybe there will be some even greater beneifts

Non-Profit Organizations

If you have some ideas and want us to forward them to some of the big international non-profit organziation, let us konw and toghether we can help them.

Your City

Would you like to make Your City a better place?
Would you be willing to answer Your City's questions, if any?
Sing up and we will come back to you!


Do you have some ideas how to improve the Apps you are using?
Are you interested to test some of the new apps?
Join us

How does it work

You can send an idea directly to the brand which are already our partners
-- or --
you can sign up for our idea contest and we inform you if there is a kind ideas tender published by the big organizations.

About us

There are plenty of great ideas out there
We just want to collect them
and we fully believe that - tothergher with you - we make the the world a better place

Idea contest

Would you like to be informed if an international company or any of the above categories are publishing an idea contest? Trough an idea contest you can win an award or some prizes beside the fact that you can potentially influence some the greatest organizations of the world.
If you are interested sign up. Obviously by signing up, you have no obligations at all.


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