Potential benefits

  • Win an IDEA AWARD provided by one of the biggest companies in the world. Put it in your CV. It proves that you are a great mind.
  • Win a money prize. Some companies reward the ideas they consider the best with financial prizes. This is mainly done trough our Idea Contest feature.
  • Influence the world by sending an idea to a corporation which in many cases have such a great power that it is capable to make the world a better place
  • Get a job offer from one of the headquarters of the international companies
  • Try to sell your start up idea to an international company. If your ideas fits to the international company’s business field and they see great potential in it, you might obtain the funding for it.
  • You can be part of a creative, innovative and positive mindset community

How does it work?

  1. Chose the brand to whom you want to submit an idea
  2. Provide a short summary of your idea
  3. We will forward your idea to the given company
  4. We will inform you if they decided that they reward your idea

Sending to Contracted Partners

  • You can submit through our website to our contracted partners
  • -- or --
  • You can submit directly through the website of your chosen brand. This activity is completely out of scope for us, we just gathered for you the links

The list of our contracted partners is much shorter for the time being but first of all we are continously increasing them and secondly these companies are ready to receive your ideas, so the chance that you obtain some kind of reward is higher.

General rules for submission

International corporations have very strict policies so you will notice that the format of submission varies, because it reflects the requirements of the given company. Still we don’t think this should stop anyone of using this unique opportunity.

Your idea should not be a complaint for a service or product of the company. This is not a complaint site. It is rather a site with positive mindset people and constructive ideas.

Sharing or not sharing?

Some of you might wonder what is better: sharing an idea or keeping them for ourselves for later execution.
Based on our experience many people who have great ideas, don't have the time or resources to execute them, so eventually the ideas get's forgotten. On the other hand you can use this opportunity that there are some of the biggest companies in the world just an email away, ready to examine your idea - and potentially reward it.

Idea Contest

This is a kind of limited period when international companies are publishing an Idea Contest and the best ideas will be rewarded. If you’d like be informed when there is a contest Sign Up* today.


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